is pleased to introduce with our Florist & Ikebana School.

In 2012,  we are excited to announce that we are featuring comprehensive and extensive floral design courses in floristry that cater to individuals' needs. We offer courses from basis flower arrangement to professional training for trainee who plan on pursuing a career in the flower industry/ trade.

Our courses are uniquely structured and designed in accordance to the industry needs and requirement.

We believe that focusing on teaching and learning to meet learners’ strengths will challenge and accelerate them beyond proficiency creating a desire to achieve high standards.


Training Courses & Fees

Ikebana Course (Japan Flower Arrangement)

6 Modules (6 lessons per module, 45 minutes per lesson

Material cost per lesson ranges from S$15 - S$35.

Fee: $1,260 (exclusive of material)


Basic Flower Arrangement Course (Table Arrangement)

No. of lesson: 10 lessons (20 training hours)

Fee: $600 Nett


Hand Bouquet Arrangement Course

No. of lesson: 10 lessons (20 training hours)

Fee: $700 Nett


Wedding Floral Design Course

No. of lesson: 14 lessons (28 training hours)

Fee: $1,000 Nett


Professional Course In Floristry

No. of lesson: 60 lessons (120 training hours)

Fee: $3,300 BUT $2,980 NETT


Coaching Method

We run personalised one on one training courses and floristry classes so that you get the undivided attention of our trainers all for yourself.

With our flexible course schedules which allows you to get that added skill set while maintaining your daily schedule. For instance, the training schedule can be built around a work schedule so productivity in the workplace is maintained.


Class Commencement

Since our lessons are conducted on one on one basis, You can start your courses at any time at your convenience. You can choose your class time with great flexibility from our class time slots. With our flexible course schedules you may choose to come once a week, twice a week or even everyday at your own preference.All you need to do is call us and book your lesson at least 1 working days before the date of lesson. Each lesson takes around 2-3 hours. Training hours will be based on its tasks, training lessons types and individual learning momentum.


To learn more about our courses, please contact us.

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